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Mobile Banking Security Tips

At El Dorado Savings Bank we understand the importance of securing your information. We have provided useful tips on how to secure your cell phone from unauthorized users.

  1. If you lose your cell phone you can immediately stop that phone from being able to access Mobile Banking by using your personal computer to log on to your Online Banking Account.  After you log in navigate to the Customer Service tab, Manage Mobile Banking Settings, and then click on Remove Device.

    If you are unable to sign on to Online Banking to “Remove” your mobile device, please call our Online Banking Department (800-874-9779).  They can assist in deactivating your Mobile Banking access.

  2. Make sure to password protect your cell phone or enable a locking feature to secure your phone.

  3. Do not use personal information for your username or password, such as your Social Security number on your Online Banking account.

  4. In some cases, input fields such as the Username automatically fill in for you.  Make sure to turn off any “auto fill” feature from your phone for added security.

  5. After using mobile banking, make sure to log off from every session.  (Closing the App, or the web browser does not log you off. You must click on the Log Off button to close the session.)

  6. Disable Bluetooth prior to accessing Mobile Banking.

  7. Periodically delete cookies and search history from your cell phone. 

  8. Never access Mobile Banking when using public Wi-Fi.  In most cases, public Wi-Fi is not secure.  Switch over to your carrier’s 3G / 4G network to use Mobile Banking.

  9. Make sure your home Wi-Fi is secure.  Protect it with a strong password (letters, numbers, and symbols) and enable encryption.

  10. Do not reply to messages asking for personal information such as ATM / Debit Card number, pin numbers, or Social Security number. El Dorado Savings Bank will never ask for this information through Mobile Banking.

  11. If you receive a text message asking you to call the El Dorado Savings Bank, do not use the phone number provided. Instead, go to our website and verify the phone number on our Contact Us page.