About Us

El Dorado Savings Bank was established in Placerville in 1957 to offer competitive savings programs to local residents while promoting home ownership through construction, purchase and refinance loans. As El Dorado expanded its operations over the years, the bank remained faithful to these original principles by developing new loan and savings products, while adding service delivery channels with ATMs, telephone banking, internet banking, and mobile banking.

The underlying commitment, although, that has distinguished El Dorado from the competition during its 57 years, is the insistence of the Board of Directors and management that each employee of the bank provide personal, efficient and friendly service to all existing and prospective customers. The combination of convenient branch locations, employees dedicated to customer service, and a variety of products, services and delivery channels to meet the needs of our diverse customers and communities, has allowed El Dorado Savings Bank to grow its operations, while continually recording consistent asset growth and strong profits.

In June of 2015, Bauer Financial Reports of Coral Gables, Florida, awarded El Dorado Savings Bank its highest 5 star rating as one of the safest banks in the U.S. for the 88th consecutive quarter dating back to 1993, and IDC Financial Publishing in December 2014 awarded El Dorado its "Superior" rating.

El Dorado Savings Bank continues to exhibit a strong financial condition. As of June 30, 2015,
El Dorado had $1.93 billion in assets, $1.72 billion in savings deposits, capital of $194.9 million representing 10.12% of assets, and after tax earnings for the first 6 months of 2015 of $5.8 million. The bank had liquidity of $351.8 million at June 30, 2015, and only 18 of the 4,438 loans serviced by El Dorado were 60 days or more past due. In addition, El Dorado had only one foreclosed property on the books at June 30, 2015.

On behalf of the management and employees of El Dorado Savings Bank, I hope you will enjoy banking and investing with El Dorado through our convenient telephone banking, ATM system, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services. I also invite you to drop by one of our convenient 35 branch locations to experience the El Dorado Savings Bank commitment to excellent customer service.

George L Cook, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer