Certificate of Deposits

Our CD comparison table should help you decide which account is right for you. Just find the term and minimum opening balance that best meets your savings needs.

Personal Certificate of Deposit Rates

(Rates Subject to Change Daily)

Rates and Yields are Accurate as of: June 1, 2016




Current Rate


Minimum Balance to Open

1 Month CD0.05%0.05%$10,000Apply Now!
2 Month CD0.05%0.05%$10,000Apply Now!
3 Month CD0.10%0.10%$500Apply Now!
3 Month CD0.10%0.10%$10,000Apply Now!
4 Month CD0.12%0.12%$10,000Apply Now!
5 Month CD0.15%0.15%$10,000Apply Now!
6 Month CD0.16%0.16%$500Apply Now!
7 Month CD0.16%0.16%$10,000Apply Now!
8 Month CD0.18%0.18%$10,000Apply Now!
9 Month CD0.20%0.20%$10,000Apply Now!
10 Month CD0.20%0.20%$10,000Apply Now!
12 Month CD0.20%0.20%$500Apply Now!
14 Month CD0.25%0.25%$10,000Apply Now!
15 Month CD0.30%0.30%$10,000Apply Now!
18 Month CD0.30%0.30%$500Apply Now!
24 Month CD0.40%0.40%$500Apply Now!
25 Month CD0.40%0.40%$1,000 Apply Now!
30 Month CD0.50%0.50%$500Apply Now!
36 Month CD0.55%0.55%$500Apply Now!
60 Month CD1.09%1.10%$500Apply Now!

*Minimum Balance (the amount of principal in the account each day)
A penalty may be imposed for withdrawals before maturity from term accounts.
Fees imposed on your account may affect the Annual Percentage Yield.
Contact Customer Service at 1-800-874-9779 for further information about applicable fees and terms.

Offices Throughout Northern California
For the office nearest you call 1-800-874-9779
Deposits Federally Insured to $250,000 and Backed by the Full Faith Credit of the U.S. Government.