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Visa Checkout

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Visa Checkout:
An Easier Way to Pay Online

El Dorado Savings Bank is working with Visa to offer an easier way to pay for your online purchase – it is called Visa Checkout and it is being offered at a growing list of internet sites such as: Best Buy, Starbucks, Williams Sonoma, and Walmart.

Visa Checkout makes paying for your online purchase quicker and it is more secure.  When you're ready to buy, simply click the Visa Checkout button and pay with a single login.  You won't have to enter your payment and shipping details each time you make a purchase.  Instead, you speed through checkout with a single login

To learn more or to enroll click and follow our Visa Checkout link.

Start using the easier way to pay online.
Enroll in Visa Checkout today
and look for the Visa Checkout button when shopping online.


Did we mention better online security with Visa Checkout?  Download Visa’s Infographic guide for more information about how Visa Checkout is reducing internet fraud.