Business Mobile Express Deposit Application

Business Mobile Express Deposit Enrollment


List any additional El Dorado Savings business accounts you wish to add to Merchant Express Deposit.

List all personnel/employees you authorized to use Merchant Express Deposit.

Merchant Deposit Information

I hereby certify that the information contained within this document is a true, complete, and accurate representation of the nature and scope of my business.

I understand El Dorado Savings Bank's eXpress Deposit is subject to approval. Please allow up to five (5) business days for application to be processed.

Before you submit your enrollment request, here are some important things to remember about Merchant Express Deposit :

  • Any deposits made after 3:00pm PT will be processed next business day.
  • Signature endorsements are required for remote deposits. Missing endorsements may cause your deposit to reject.
  • After your deposit submission, please write ”Electronically Presented“ to note that it has been deposited.
  • Please check your email for confirmation of deposit, and an approval or denial email notification.
  • After the check has been approved and deposited, please keep your check in
    a secure area for 14 days before properly destroying it.
  • This service is only capable of submitting one check at a time per deposit.

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